Natascha Bohmann

Natasha Wightman

Born in the South brought to the North and grounded in the Pacific North West, Natasha loves to surround herself with kind hearted people, exploring the beauty of nature whether it be with her dog Timber at the park, in the mountains ploughing through snow or getting caught in the rain, maybe even flying across great plains. She is a dancer of all music and loves when the beat vibrates her feet. She never leaves her house without a book or her journal, “Write your dreams and make them reality.” She has an adventurous spirit and always ready for more. She is curious about life and peeling the layers. She has been practicing Yoga since 2013 and has dove deeper in her practice since day one. She loves that Yoga helps her be mindful, happy, and plugs her into a higher consciousness, and she can find a piece of home anytime, anywhere. Natasha completed her 200YTT under the wings of Rocky Heron with Yoga Maze’. In her training she gained knowledge of proper alignment, understanding of how the body flows with the breath and how important it is to use meditation to guide us through  this adventure of life.

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