Yoga Isn't Exercise

Phew! There we said it! We’ve been needing to get that off our chest for a while now and it’s true. We are done coming to yoga class to “get our cardio in.” Yoga isn’t exercise. We aren’t going to call it that anymore. We aren’t going to call it that anymore because…




Why are we saying this? We are bursting at the seams to tell you! Let’s talk a little bit about what happens to your body when you do yoga. We all know about the over-hyped up benefits of yoga:

  • More flexibility
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Balance your metabolism
  • Help protect you from injury
  • Weight regulation

And that’s all fine and good. Those are awesome benefits! But where yoga really goes above and beyond as a modality is in the neuroscience! Something special happens when you do yoga. When you connect with your breath, you are connecting with your life force (prana). And when you connect with your prana you are connecting with your soul.

Now, before we get all woo woo and lose you, this is just the set up to the magic that happens within your body. Let’s talk about your bodily systems. Now if you’re scrolling down and overwhelmed by the massive amount of awesome info about yoga and you just CAN’T, TL;DR just check out the highlighted words for the cliff’s notes on some more benefits.

  • Yoga can help take your joints through their full range of motion. What this means is that your joints are being used in a low-impact setting, keeping them from drying out and causing pain and inflammation.
  • A well rounded yoga practice with forward bends and back bends can help protect the spine and keep the disks supple.
  • Better circulation, especially in hands and feet
  • Drains your lymph system and boosts immunity. When you contract and stretch your muscles and organs you help increase drainage to the lymph system, which helps fight infection and improve cellular function
  • Regulates your adrenal glands and lowers your cortisol levels. Cortisol. You’ve heard of it! You know what causes it. STRESS! We all know yoga is a great stress reducer!
  • Lowers blood pressure and LDL (bad) Cholesterol while boosting HDL (good) cholesterol
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Greater lung capacity for easier and deeper breathing. What happens when you breathe deeply? This oxygenates your blood which releases endorphins into your blood stream.
  • Endorphins reduce stress and pain in the body.
  • Increased parasympathetic response.
  • Activate the relaxation response in your body more easily
  • Reduces pain by transforming the bodies response to pain
  • Struggling with addiction? Many yogis come to yoga to aid in their recovery. Yoga helps give you coping methods for depression, anxiety, mood and disorders.

We can keep going and going but we don’t want to lose you. Just trust us, yoga does awesome stuff for your body, mind and spirit!

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